About Jim
As one of the professional salon industry’s preeminent pioneers, Jim Markham earned the iconic status he enjoys today.  From his humble beginnings, Markham charted an extraordinary course – including that of savvy celebrity stylist, gifted product development expert and founder of four highly successful beauty brand companies.  His noteworthy journey honed and highlighted his innate talents and abilities – namely his entrepreneurial zeal and intuitive vision for what the industry wants and needs. His association and success with producing high-quality, high-performance products are legendary and serve as an industry standard, if not a guarantee for success. Jim is a rare visionary, possessing exceptional talents in the areas of creative artistry and keen business acumen.  Over a career spanning 4 decades, he has received countless accolades and awards, including the highest honors his industry and the American business community have to offer.  He is most proud of winning the 2007 Ernest & Young Entrepreneur of the year.

Beginning his career in New Mexico, he worked his way to Los Angeles where he became a hair designer to countless celebrities such as Paul Newman, Robert Redford, Steve McQueen, Johnny Carson, Wolfman Jack, Peter Lawford, Joanne Woodward and Frank Sinatra, to name just a few.

Markham excelled as a hairstylist and was well recognized for his talents by winning honors such as the Olympic silver medal for the World Hairstyling Championships, National Hairstyling Champion, two first places in state and one regional championship.

Markham then ventured into product development, manufacturing and distributing numerous product lines including ABBA® Pure & Natural HairCare. When Markham sold ABBA in 1997, his intention was to retire. But, his passion for the industry and product development, fueled by a desire to create products for a friend, Kerry, who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, along with his keen ability to target an unfulfilled market inspired him to create the color care category with PureOlogy Serious Colour Care® in 2001. Under his guidance, PureOlogy became among the most awarded companies in the professional hair care industry, winning numerous trade and consumer awards and generating a loyal following of celebrity devotees