In his early days of his career Markham worked as a hair designer to Paul Newman, award winning actor and well known humanitarian. Markham was deeply inspired by Newman’s philanthropic spirit and learned early on that we should all be more like farmers; plant more seeds than we take out. Jim Markham and his wife Cheryl Markham continue to work timelessly on behalf of numerous charitable causes with a tremendous love and dedication for helping others.

The Markhams have dedicated their lives to advancing the professional beauty industry, creating and nurturing unique and highly successful companies. Through the tremendous success of the companies that they have built, the Markhams have been inspired to give back in numerous and impactful ways.

They believe strongly in corporate citizenship, supporting philanthropic causes and giving back to the community with a special emphasis on combating ovarian cancer, a cause that is near and dear to their hearts. While at PureOlogy and with its generous assistance, the Markhams created two cause marketing programs benefiting the National Cosmetology Association and the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition. In 1999, Jim and Cheryl lost a very close friend, Kerry, to ovarian cancer. Kerry was a childhood and lifelong friend of Cheryl’s and inspired the Markhams to become champions for the cause, promoting awareness of the disease and raising funds.

For more than 10 years, the Markhams have advocated on behalf of City of Hope’s groundbreaking cancer research and treatment programs. In July 2009 they will be honored by the Professional Salon Industry Council for City of Hope with the 2009 Spirit of Life® Award, City of Hope’s most prestigious honor for their never ending support. For more information visit